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Solar thermal panels

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One computer for 4 people = less electricity

Swimmimg pool disinfection with salt electrolysis

Plantation of oaks and pines on Arbor Day

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Besides a prominent tourism initiative in the region, Casa de Lobos also bet for the least environmental impact:

  • Use of renewable energy such as solar thermal and geothermal:
    • Geothermal energy is a heating/cooling system, which taking advantage of the constant temperature of the earth guarantees air conditioned indoors, with heat in winter and cold in summer. It also serves to support the hot water generation, when in winter the solar panels don't heat enough.
    • Solar thermal panels heat the water circulating inside by direct action of the rays of sun, getting domestic hot water.
  • The electricity we consume is 100% renewable from the Coopérnico cooperative, with whom we share values of care for the environment, creation of social value, local development, transparency and integrity.
  • Both new buildings and the renovated house has been built for high energy efficiency based on good insulation in walls and windows, so as to reduce air conditioning consumption.
  • Reuse of surplus hot water, which is redirected to the swimming pool.
  • Treatment of the pool water is done by salt electrolysis system: improves water quality (does not produce chloramines which irritate eyes and skin, and are the cause of odor and taste of chlorine) and prevents handling of chemicals.
  • Use of sewage and rainwater irrigation system.
  • Waste separation in the source for a better recycling, and treatment of organic waste by composting system.
  • Reducing power consumption using: motion detectors to turn on lights, LED type bulbs for lighting, televisions and computers with LED screens, using a single computer for 4 simultaneous users on the public use area and one with 2 users at the reception. In addition, we measure consumption by area periodically, to try to minimize it.
  • Organization of actions in favor of nature. Specifically, the annual Arbor Day event, with the reforestation entry Cambeses in cheerful and nurturing environment, which in 2014 and 2015 included the collaboration of Quercus, AMO Portugal, Scouts, Projeto Raízes and other public and private entities.
  • Awareness in the team to always act as ecologically as possible on daily actions. Extending this measure to our guests with ecoAdvices deployed in facilities, which encourage to proceed thinking in the environment when managing waste, treating water, reducing consumption, weatherising rooms, using electricity and reusing objects.